Yellow fish holding toothbrush Our Pediatric Dentists are trained to treat your child with their growth and development, and behavioral needs at the forefront of their priorities. Our Specialists are trained to handle a wide variety of pediatric treatment needs, and have a variety of techniques to ensure the highest quality, and present the least amount of fear/anxiety possible.

Texas Dental Board Rule 108.14

Red fish holding toothbrush Our General Dentists can perform a variety of adult and children’s dental procedures, including routine fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, extractions, root canals, etc…
Blue Fish With Toothbrush Our Oral Surgeon can perform a variety of surgical procedures including difficulty extractions, wisdom tooth extractions, biopsies, etc… all under the comfort IV sedation. …Learn More

Our Mission

At Coral Dental, our goal is to serve our community by providing the highest quality dental care by some of the best professionals in their respective dental fields.  Our dentists strive to improve the way dentistry is done to reduce fear and anxiety, maximize safety and quality, and make the overall experience of going to the dentist as stress-free and easy as possible.  By improving the oral health of our patients, we strive to improve the overall quality of our patients’ lives.

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