Houston Dental Braces For Children

Dental braces are specialized oral devices that connect to your child’s teeth, and over time braces will gradually reposition teeth with wires, rubber bands, or other appliances. Our Houston community come to us after their children endure the negative impacts that occur with crooked teeth. While the age that children get braces will vary, most kids get braces between the ages of 8 and 14, however, we urge that your kid have an appointment from age seven.

There are more choices today for children and their family than there were ten years ago. With the advancements in pediatric dentistry, children braces do not need to become an embarrassing or painful ordeal, and, some children say that becoming braces now is a fun fashion statement because they can choose from different colors and other customizations to match their personality.

Reasons That Kids May Need Orthodontic Therapy

There are many orthodontic treatments available for children of all ages. Depending on the needs of your children you can choose braces and other orthodontic therapy choices to address an assortment of dental issues that are observable throughout youth, including bite problems, jagged teeth, and jagged teeth.

Possible causes of those issues contain cavities of your child’s teeth, thumb sucking, and early infant tooth reduction, chronic mouth breathing, and also protracted pacifier usage, amongst others.

Houston’s Trusted Orthodontic Therapy For Children

Once you choose to consult with our expert team of pediatric dentists, we will be able to help you understand the needs of your child and possible solutions that you can pursue. Based on the consultation with your child, we will help you understand the requirements for surgical therapy, a two-part method is going to be utilized.

The first stage begins immediately whenever your child still has lots of their baby teeth. If your child has many baby teeth, we can help address issues like correcting poor oral habits, allowing correct sting, intercepting and preventing problems from growing, and directing the permanent teeth into position to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile.

Following the first consultation meeting for your child’s braces, we will work with you to understand the best orthodontic therapy. Based on our assessment, we could recommend that your child works with our physicians to pursue braces to maneuver permanent teeth to their optimal position over time.

Our expert team of dental staff will work with you and your child from the first steps to ensure that you receive the best service based on the needs of your child. Our dentists will develop a comprehensive plan to help your child regain a beautiful and healthy smile to ensure their ongoing health and self-esteem.

What To Expect During Your Child’s Brace Procedures

Treatment time for children’ orthodontics procedure will vary based on some variables that we will discuss with you during your consultations and follow up visits with our staff. No matter the needs of your child, we have found that getting a meeting with our expert Houston, TX team will help children reach their goals and reduce the risks of poorly aligned teeth for their overall health.

Braces for children address a large number of issues many kids deal with throughout their life like tooth grinding, facial pain, thumb sucking, and jaw problems that can cause misaligned biting. Our team of orthodontists at Coral Dental will work with you and your family to provide the best braces for kids in the greater Houston area.

Provide Your Child Newfound Confidence Together With Our Braces

The dedicated staff at Coral Dental have worked with hundreds of families just like yours throughout the Houston area, and we understand that lots of children might feel shy about having braces.

If your son or daughter worries about that, it is possible to speak to us about the best way to whiten teeth without conventional braces. We are committed to the health and happiness of your family, and this is why we will work with you to find the best options for your child’s braces and oral health.

We would like you to obtain the choice that is most appropriate for your loved ones — and we will help lead you through the process of finding the best solutions for your children. If your child is suffering from ongoing dental issues that prevent them from smiling at school photos or other confidence issues, then they will benefit from a new and engaging smile that comes with dental braces.

Trust Houston’s Best Children Braces Specialists Today!

If your child is suffering from poorly positioned teeth and other health issues, then you will love the pediatric procedures that we offer. Coral Dental is staffed with dedicated and expert dental professionals in Houston, TX to help you and your family regain a beautiful and healthy smile.

From the moment you begin working with us, you will receive unmatched care and attention to ensure your holistic happiness and ongoing happiness. Call us today at (832) 356-4535 to learn more and begin the process with our team today!