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It can be frustrating for your child if their smile does not look right. This can have an impact on not just their overall oral health, but also their confidence. These are a few of the most frequent reasons parents throughout the Houston community ask our dental team about Invisalign for their children.

Dental technology has come a long way in recent years, and children don’t have to worry about the discomfort or annoyances that come with traditional braces. If you and your child would like to repair their teeth but do not need to get burdened with unsightliness of pairs, then you should consider speaking with our Houston dentists today about Invisalign.

Why Should You Consider Invisalign For Your Children?

Braces are not fun for anybody, especially for children and teenagers. In the past, metal braces were the only choice available to many people if they wanted to correct their teeth and improve their smile. Invisalign is a fantastic way to fix your adolescent’s teeth without placing them through the distress of braces.

While traditional metal braces were the most popular dental choices in the past, today they are becoming less and less popular among children and teens. This is because parents and children alike are enjoying the benefits of teeth straightening Invisalign systems that provide a more enjoyable and efficient method to correct oral health issues.

No physical braces mean no metal devices to irritate your child’s gums or cause unwanted side effects. Our entire staff at Coral Dental will work with you and your child to help you understand if Invisalign is the best choice for your child’s dental health needs.

What Are Invisalign Straighteners?

Invisalign is an advanced system that uses different aligners over the course of your child’s treatment to gently reposition your child’s teeth into proper place. Our Invisalign system is made from some removable aligners so you can enjoy without worrying about bending or breaking your braces.

Since your aligners are removable, your child can take out their Invisalign system in the morning and at night to brush and floss their teeth. This means maintenance for Invisalign systems is much less intensive than traditional braces.

Before we create a pair of aligners for your child, we will conduct a full examination and consultation with you and your child to make sure you know everything you need to know about the procedure. We will take a full set of x-ray images for your child’s mouth to make sure your aligners fit and feel great before they are made by our professional dental staff.

Once created, you will receive several sets of aligners that will gradually move your child’s teeth into position. When the initial pair of trays has transferred their teeth as much as possible, your child will be transferred into another set of aligners that will continue moving their teeth towards the ultimate position in their mouth.

The aligners ought to be worn for 22 hours every day, and they will need to be changed out to a new set of aligners every 14 days. Within weeks, the aligners will gradually move teeth into position, making one slight alteration at one time that’s targeted to individual teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign For Children

Children throughout Houston prefer wearing Invisalign due to how easy it’s compared to sporting conventional braces. Invisalign is an excellent orthodontics treatment for some children and teenagers who are looking regain a beautiful and healthy smile without the complexities that come with maintaining traditional braces.

Your child won’t be self-conscious about their smile while wearing their Invisalign system, because our team makes sure that the aligners look almost invisible when your child is wearing them in public. This means that your child can smile brightly without worrying about how they will look compared to traditional metal braces.

Some people have the notion that Invisalign is much more expensive than traditional braces. However, the truth is that Invisalign only costs a small amount more than conventional braces for many families, and many times Invisalign will even cover the cost of Invisalign for your child. This means that your child can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful smile without the worries of the price or inconveniences of traditional metal braces!

Call our Houston, TX pediatric dental office to learn more about our services and how Invisalign can help your child today!