Advanced Pediatric X-Rays

Your child deserves the best oral health, and the professional staff at Coral Dental provide the services that your children need to have the best health for their entire life. To help your child receive a beautiful and healthy smile, we will utilize the most advanced dental technologies available on the market along with up-to-date dental knowledge.

We use advanced dental technology because we know that your children need the best equipment to provide excellent dental services. Coral Dental have customized tools to work with the smaller mouth of your children compared to adult patients. Our attention to care and detail have helped establish us as Houston’s top pediatric dental office.

Why Does Your Child Need Specialized Pediatric Dental X-Rays?

Digital X-rays deliver several innovative imaging alternatives developed to save time, offer better dental photographs, while also exposing patients to less radiation than conventional X-ray technology. We know that children are especially sensitive to radiation, and this is why we use digital X-rays to examine your child’s teeth in ways that are not possible when looking with the naked eye.

Since our Houston pediatric dental office is built around the specialized needs of children, our entire staff, and equipment for smaller children. We will work with you and your family to ensure that your child’s dental experience as comfortable as possible throughout their time with us. In your next appointment, then we’ll be delighted to answer any questions that you might have.

When Will Your Child Need Pediatric Dental X-Rays?

There are many causes like injury or illness that can require your child to go through pediatric dental X-Rays with our dental office. Toothaches or soreness around gums, painful teeth, or even jaw issues may manifest from many different oral problems like a dental cavity chipped or cracked teeth, exposed tooth root, or gum disorder, or even a dental abscess or disease.

Sometimes the only way that we are able to evaluate your child’s pain points is to utilize advanced dental X-Rays. When you enter our dental offices, our professional Houston dental staff will work with you and your child to understand your child’s needs.

Based on our evaluation, we will provide an assessment to understand the causes of your child’s toothache would be to get a dental examination and X-Ray. It’s essential to be aware that tooth pain can happen temporarily, but tooth pain will rarely go away before the cause is identified and handled by a trusted Houston pediatric dentist office.

How Digital X-Rays Work

From start to finish, our dental staff will work with you and your child to ensure comfort throughout the entire dental process. Pediatric dental X-Rays are painless, and we will explain each step as we fit the necessary devices in your child’s mouth to ensure accurate and precise images of your child’s mouth.

You will save time and resources when you work with us because our pediatric dental X-Ray machines are connected directly to a powerful computer in our office. This helps our dentists see the X-ray images right after the procedure is completed so your dentist can look at the X-rays almost immediately after imaging is achieved.

Houston’s Trusted Pediatric Dental X-Ray Services

At Coral Dental, we utilize the most up-to-date in electronic technologies to capture detailed images of your child’s mouth to identify oral health issues. Pediatric dental X-rays are a great way to provide accurate information to help your children receive the best dental care to address ongoing pain and discomfort.

X-rays help us envision cavities (and determine their dimensions ) between the teeth, however, can also be excellent tools for assessing the growth of teeth under the surface, diseases, or some other anomalies that might exist.

Advantages Of Pediatric Dental X-Rays

There are many types of X-Rays that your dental staff may recommend based on the needs of your child. During the assess X-rays and evaluation, we will explain the best approach to your child’s oral health with the right X-ray technology. Here are a few benefits that you and your child will enjoy using our pediatric X-Ray technologies:

  • Better Images: Using conventional  , it can be tricky to observe the picture, but electronic X-rays may be magnified to supply a better image of the tooth structure.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Digital X-rays are far better for the environment than many other imaging solutions. This is because they don’t need to use any substances to create the pictures, along with your dentist won’t have to waste paper or other tools to publish them.
  • Less Radiation: Our professional Houston dental team will provide your child with the best gear during their dental X-rays. As a result, your child’s digital X-ray will show you around 90 percent less radiation than the conventional picture X-ray.
  • Save Time: Digital X-rays are a lot quicker to process than conventional movies. The film is going to be developed immediately instead of waiting for a dental practitioner to come up with the picture of a traditional X-ray.