From cords made from animal intestines to horseshoe-shaped iron, Orthodontists from previous centuries have used variations of what we now know as dental braces to keep teeth aligned.

There is no doubt about the effective use of traditional braces, however, this course of treatment has its downsides too. For instance, patients must wear braces all the time until the treatment ends. Thanks to colorful bands and elastics, braces can be accessorized for a more fun look however, it does not fix other inconveniences caused by wearing braces.

Finally, in 2001, Invisalign was offered in the market. Invisalign is a product of a breakthrough technology in Orthodontics that lessens (in some case eliminates completely) the difficulties that come with wearing traditional braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear plastic teeth aligner that works in the same principle as braces, except that it is unnoticeable and can be taken off when the patient needs to. Unlike braces, wearing an Invisalign aligner is comfortable and does not affect the patient’s lifestyle.

Curious about how else Invisalign differs from traditional braces?

Here is a comparison of the two treatments:

Braces vs Invisalign

WearingBraces can never be taken off during the duration of the treatment (can take months or years depending on the condition).Invisalign aligners can be taken off whenever you wish to.
CleaningYou must thoroughly clean your braces and your teeth to avoid tooth decay.Take off your aligners when cleaning. Clean and brush teeth as you normally would.
EatingAvoid crunchy and hard foods (eg. nuts, corn on the cob, or candies) as these may break brace wires or brackets. Stay away from chewy and sticky foods too such as gums and bagels. These type of foods stick to wires and will make it hard to clean.  Once you remove your teeth aligner, you are free to eat anything that you want.
MaintenanceWearing braces require that you go back to your Orthodontist regularly for changing bands and elastics as well as for tightening or adjusting the braces.Depending on your Orthodontist, you can either go for regular checkups or your new Invisalign trays will be delivered to you.

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